August 31, 2010

Leesburg Water Park

Tatia had many fun things planned for Ella and I while we were there visiting her. We spent an ENTIRE day having fun in the sun at the Leesburg Water Park.

Ella LOVED every second of it.

After lots of encouragement from Aunt Tatia, Ella braved the kiddie water slide.

She also soaked up some rays while sippin' Aunt Tatia's diet coke.

It was a fun day.

First Hairpain (Airplane) Ride

Ella and I flew to Washington D.C. to visit my little sister Tatia in Virginia. This was Ella's first time on the airplane and she was very excited.

Once on the plane, she wanted to play with the seatbelt and pull the window shade up and down.

Once we started down the runway and the loud noises came, she became a little nervous and worried and almost started to cry.

Nothing a lollipop wouldn't fix though. :)

She read books, colored, put puzzles together, watched movies for hours and hours on 3 different planes.

At the very end of our second plane ride, she got very tired.

I had to run through the terminal to catch our next plane with Ella asleep. Thank Goodness for the small stroller my friend Jenny let me borrow that they let me gate check.

Ella's first "hairpain" ride was successful and fairly easy. She really is such a well behaved toddler. We spent 10 days with my sister and trust me there are tons more pictures to come.

August 12, 2010

Sleeping in = Good Mood

This is how Ella wakes up when I let her sleep in. HAPPY. HAPPY. HAPPY. A few times since my obsession with the gym has started I have taken the morning off and let her sleep in. It makes me happy to see her wake up on her own in such a good mood.

August 8, 2010

PLEASE Do NOT Report this....

Elliott let Ella sit in his lap and drive in my parents retirement park. No cars are ever in there and it is only 5 MPH so it was relatively safe. Ella thought it was so very exciting.
Don't worry, this is the only time this will ever happen.

August 6, 2010

Big Girl Car Seat

I almost passed out when I saw this car seat on sale for only $45! I scooped it up right away. We had been searching for a new seat for Ella that would give her more space and comfort. This is the exact seat we really wanted but with it's hefty $80 price tag we were procrastinating. Lucky for us I spotted it in a store that I NEVER go to on SALE!! Made my day.

Ella LOVES it!

August 5, 2010

Deep Thoughts

She is obviously contemplating the world we live in and life in general.

She was actually pouting because I got her out of bed early so I could go to the gym. She is NOT a fan of being woken up.

August 4, 2010

Every letter makes a sound...

While I was putting laundry away Ella entertained herself for quite some time with her little alphabet machine. She likes to try and sing along with it. B says Buh ... every letter makes a sound ... B says Buh. Many thanks to Aunt Tatia who gave her this letter learning machine.