April 28, 2012

To my baby boy....

Dear Baby Brother, Today, I am officially giving you your 30 day eviction notice. That is right 30 DAYS!!! You have been a fairly easy going and kind tenant and as your landlady I appreciate the minimal damage you have done this far but cramped quarters are not ideal for either one of us. Please take the next few weeks to collect everything necessary for your move such as: more fat, brain power, and strength. This move will not be easy for either one of us but I promise as your land lady and your Mother, you will LOVE your new home.

April 25, 2012

Lucky me...

I got to take this little cutie pie out for a fun picnic playdate with some of our favorite friends. Best day in a long time!

April 24, 2012

Growing up

A few months ago we were driving home from church and this was our conversation:

Ella: "Mother, can I have my own scripture for church?"

Me: (tearing up with pride) "Of course Ella I will get you one."

Ella: "If I bring my scripture to primary class they will give me an m&m"

So funny. So being the supportive Mother that I am I got her a fun purple flower scripture tote so she can carry her books in style. She was so proud of it and told everyone to check it out all day long. She is growing up so fast...

April 13, 2012

Easter Sunday

April 12, 2012

Sibling prep class

First Ella got a completer tour of a delivery room. She got to check out what the oxygen tube feels like and also feel the warmth of the baby warmer.
She also got to practice wrapping the baby and holding in the perfect sibling squeeze. She learned how to give the baby a gentle wash cloth bath.
She drew baby brother a welcome picture to give to him when she first meets him. She decided to draw a picture of what she thinks he may look like. I think it is perfect in every way possible.
She listened to baby brothers heart beat too!!!