September 25, 2012

my cute kids

Seems like every Sunday Ella is following Cash and I into the nursing lounge. Cash is such a happy little guy after he eats so I always snap a quick picture. Our Sunday mothers lounge pics are some of my very favorites!

September 24, 2012

4 months

September 20, 2012

No words

Elliott works the night shift and so I am up with Ella before he wakes up in the mornings. I often leave Cash in the bed with him if he is still sleeping. Yesterday when I walked back in the bedroom to make sure Cash was still asleep and not waking up Daddy, this is what I saw...
No words can describe how seeing this makes me feel. The way Elliott loves our children is beyond what I could ever explain. My heart swells with gratitude for this man. He is an amazing Dad. :)

September 18, 2012

We have a School Girl!

Today we got to take Ella to her preschool to meet her teacher Mrs.Wittle and check out the classroom and other rooms a the preschool. She LOVED every second of it. Elliott and I were so very proud of her. :)

September 10, 2012

First Primary Program

Ella participated in her first Primary Program in Sacrament Meeting. She was adorable! The whole program was about choosing the right. Each child got to share about a time when they were able to choose the right. She had a little speaking part:

"When Mommy and Daddy ask me to go to bed, I am mad. But I listen to them because I have to make good choices. When I wake up I am happy and we have a fun day."

She picked out her clothes for the day too. She decided at the last minute that she wanted us to wear matching necklaces. It was sweet.