October 27, 2012

Sleeping Siblings

The other day Elliott had to work at 2 am and would not be off until noon the following day. I had appointments that morning and needed the car so I had no other choice but to take him to work. We woke the kids up, packed them in the car and headed to drop off Daddy. When we got back home both Ella and Cash had a rough time falling back to sleep. I had to nurse Cash and read Ella a story. Once they fell asleep they were OUT!!! I left them in bed with me. I of course did not sleep well. I never do when Elliott is not home. So every time I woke up I snapped a picture of my cute little kids curled up next to each other.
LOVE my little snuggle bears!

October 25, 2012

Preschooler with Style!

Ella LOVES going to preschool. She goes Tuesdays and Thursdays. On school nights we make sure her homework is done. On Tuesdays she usually has to draw a picture of the "shape of the week". So far we have done circle, triangle, oval, star, rectangle. Thursdays her homework is to wear something that is the "color of the week". After homework we get her clothes all picked out for the next morning.This is serious business for Ella. She has an opinion about everything and says no to quite a few outfits I suggest before putting a combination together herself. Lately this is my favorite part of our week. It is our little 20 minute girly time and I LOVE it. She pick out her hair bow to match her clothes and tells me exactly how she wants her hair done. So cute. I know I am bias but my little preschooler has the best style.

October 24, 2012

5 months

October 21, 2012

Too tired to play

Cash is NOT a napper. He will only nap if it is in the car in his carseat or one of us is holding him. Other than that, he just won't nap. I guess I learned the solution to that today...
His little jumper toy made him so tired he fell asleep right in it. So funny. One minute he was bouncing and talking and the next minute out like a light. See how he is still holding on for dear life. I was afraid to move him. I left him there for awhile but the second I started to pry his little fingers loose he opened his eyes and started bouncing again like nothing had happened. Funny little kid!

October 13, 2012

California Trip

We had an amazing time visiting family in California. aunt Tatia was able to fly out there with us. We stayed with her in Oceanside most of the trip. Baby Cash got to meet grammie, Papa, Aunt Tia, and Uncle Gavin for the first time.

Aunt Tatia took us all to Sea World. It was awesome to see the girls there together. They loved it. We took a trip to the beach and spent some time at the park too. It was amazing to see my parents and my sisters but the best part of all is watching our kids play together. They are the cutest of cousins. So fun that next year there will be another baby girl cousin added to the mix. Can't wait for our next trip.

October 12, 2012

Plane ride

We took a last minute trip to California courtesy of Papa. It was amazing but I was super nervous about the plane ride. Two kids on an airplane across the country. Anyone would be nervous. My kids I am happy to report were perfect little angels!