January 28, 2009

ELLA loves her goodnight dolly.
 Grammy gave it to her for Christmas and she sleeps with it every night.
 (she actually uses it to cover her eyes because she will not sleep unless it is pitch black)

ELLA is very good at playing.
 She knows where her toy box is in our bedroom and she entertains herself for quite sometime.
 (allowing Mama to get the laundry and cleaning done.)

ELLA really loves being in the car.
 Mama and Dada use Saturdays as the shopping and errand running day. Sometimes we will be gone for 5 or 6 hours running around getting in and out of the car but she loves it.
 (thank goodness!!)

ELLA is a really good sport.
 We like taking her to the mall to try on different hats. She smiles and lets us laugh and take pictures. 
(she usually draws a big crowd too)

ELLA has teeth.
 It is hard to capture them all in a picture but she has 5 already and 2 more on the way.
 (on top her "eye" teeth came in first - she looks like a vampire baby)

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