March 17, 2009


Ella received this adorable activity pool for her birthday from her "Aunt T" (Tami Miller Hengen). It fits perfectly out on the patio of our new apartment and Ella loves spending time outside running around in her bathing suit playing with her new favorite toy. - Thanks Aunt T


Belle said...

If you think the first picture is the new background to my desktop, you'd be right.
If you think Ella's bathing suit is the cutest ever, you'd be right.
And if you think I'm jealous of Ella's pool and am going to the store right now to get one for my patio, you'd be right!

Kelly Jo said...

modest is hottest, ella. you're never too young to add a little ruffle to enhance your best assets, though. you go girl.

Cammie said...

Hi Angie, Your little girl is adorable and I love her name too! What a fun pool she has.

RC said...

Ella is a girl after my own heart, fun in the sun by the water, equals a great day. She is just too adorable.

I love her little pool, I want one, I wonder if they make that pool in an extra large?

charles said...

Oh my! Your little one is darling. So nice to hear from you!

Crystal said...

Holy Cow! is she walking already? How old is she!

The weather has been soooo nice...I can't wait till we can jump into our pool but it is still 60 degrees.