June 29, 2009

Aunts that Spoil

After I got Ella ready for church yesterday, I realized that not only is my little girl precious and cute, but her clothes are too. Without trying to sound to vain- my little girl really does have a lot of really cute stuff. This is all because of her Aunts who buy her things constantly. She really is so lucky to be the first born of all of us sisters cause my oh my she is one spoiled little girl.
(cute new dress - THANKS Aunt Tia)
(cute new shoes - THANKS Aunt TaTa)
(shelves full of toys - THANKS Aunt Tia, Aunt TaTa and Aunt JoJo)


Brynn said...

I love aunts that spoil! We've got one too - Mindi. And since she only has boys, my girls benefit from all the girly things Mindi buys!!!

RC said...

Aunts are the best, right up there with Grandparents. :-)