November 20, 2009

Little DIVA Breakfast!

Every morning Ella wakes up and knows exactly what she wants for breakfast. Most of the time she asks for juice and lolo (yogurt). This morning was unusual, she could not decide what to eat. First she asked for doose (juice), then milsh (milk), then reroos (cheerios), then po-pples (apples), then b (peanutbutter toast). It was kind of annoying and SUPER cute at the same time.
She usually has NO opinion whatsoever, and either eats alot or a little of what is put in front if her. I hope this is not starting a new trend. Daddy is a VERY picky eater and I hope she is not following in his footsteps.


Belle said...

That looks like a breakfast of champs! She looks so midget little!

Cammie said...

She is so darling! She just wanted a buffet for breakfast. . .and I love her pony tail! That will be a big deal for me too when Dahlia gets one!