December 29, 2009

Bye Bye CRIB!

So THANKS to my wonderful sister Tatia Belle
(who likes to spoil Ella to death)
we have NO MORE CRIB!


The Four Redheads said...

Now that is a bed for a PRINCESS! I've never seen such a beautiful toddler bed. Who would chose a crib over THAT? Cute! Love the Christmas pics, too, by the way.

Hollie said...

That bed is awesome, how fun! Addison is totally jealous. We've got to get Urban into his big boy bed very soon.

joeyandaleethea said...

Oh how beautiful -- great shot of the little princess!!!! Hooray for big girl beds!! My 3.5yr old still sneaks into our bed at night. :D

RC said...

That is so precious!