December 21, 2009


Ella is not a fan of Santa.
She did not cry, she screamed!!!
She repeated the words "Ho Ho Mean" over and over again after seeing him.
As you can see, she was not a fan last year either.
Call me crazy but I do have some hope for next year.


Hollie said...

Oh poor thing, she looks terrified, although very cute in her little dress. My kids weren't big fans at that age either.

Here's hoping for happy smiles next year! =)

Cammie said...

Poor little dear! . . .I think next year will be better too!

I love the photos of the previous post! She is gorgeous.

Belle said...

LoL! I totally remember her with Santa last year. Not much has changed in attitude! Scary old Santa! Hee hee. That's funny! :)