December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

We decided to make a Christmas Tradition out of Elliott's birthday. We thought that Dec 9th would be a good day every year to bring home and decorate our Christmas Tree, and so that is what we did..
We headed out in the freezing cold to pick out our tree.
Ella had such a great time hanging all of the ornaments.
Thank goodness for shatter proof ornaments!
When Elliott got down to put water in the tree stand, Ella got down with him to see what he was doing. She ALWAYS wants to do whatever Dada does.
It was a fun night and I am excited for OUR first family tradition.


Hollie said...

What a fun tradition. I think we'll have to get a real tree next year, they smell so good. Oh, and shatter proof ornaments are a great idea too!

Amy said...

I love how Ella is checking out how Elliott is watering the tree. Looks like you guys are having lots of fun this Christmas season.

Belle said...

I can just see your tree now. Ornaments covering the bottom 2 feet and bare on the top. Cute Ella. Too bad, even if I was there, I couldn't help much either putting ornaments in high places as I'm practically the same height as Ella! :)