February 17, 2010

A visit from Aunt Tatia

Aunt Tatia came to visit us for a whole week!!!
Ella has not stopped talking about her and all the fun they had.
Here is what Tatia did while she was here...
She got silly with candy rings.
She took Ella to ride her bike.
She tooK Ella for an adventure at the park.

She took Ella to Orange County to see an old friend.
(Lyric and her daughter Charlise who is 4 days younger than Ella.)
She made cookies while Elliott took me out for a birthday dinner.

She let Ella play dress up with all her fancy shoes.
Ella really LOVES her Aunt Tatia and hopes to see her again soon.


Heather said...

Your daughter is just too cute, and tell that sister of yours hello for me!

Hollie said...

I love miss Tatia! What a fun week. All of the pictures are adorable!

RC said...

Auntie's are the best, and Miss Tatia is an all round awesome person. Ella is just so adorable.