March 16, 2010

Where a KID can be a KID!

Ella spent her 2nd Birthday at Chuck E. Cheese in San Diego with Mommy and Daddy, Uncle Gavin and Aunt JoJo. She had an amazing time!
She met Chuck E.
She drove him around and even gave him a big kiss. (this is probably why she had a runny nose the next day)
She rode on Clifford.
She played on the phone.
Daddy and Uncle Gavin had some fun of their own.
Ella rode on a time machine.
She really LOVED that one.
She played.
She played.
And she played.
It was a wonderful time for all of us!!!


RC said...

How fun!

Chuck Cheese is such a fun place.

Ella is just so adorable.

megan said...

what a sweetie pie... too cute!