January 3, 2011

2011 GOALS

So I thought if I post my goals for this year on my blog then I might be more accountable for them. I guess we will find out in 12 months...

1.Be a more patient Mother.
2.Be a better example for Elliott.
3.Take a special family "outing" at least once a month.
1.Increase daily protein intake. (60-70g daily)
2.Drop 14 more pounds and maintain that weight.
3.Stay away from slider foods. (peanuts, popcorn, pretzels, chips, and crackers)
1.Continue running. (shoot for 500 miles this year)
2.Work out at least once a week WITH my husband.
3.Run at least 3 races.
1.Start a weight loss journey blog.
2.Find cheap and crafty ways to beautify my home.
3.Do more learning projects with Ella.
1.Read the entire Book of Mormon.
2.Share my testimony more often.(especially with my husband)
3.Have missionaries over for dinner more often.

I am sure I will have more goals as the year goes by but this is what I am starting with for now.

Here is to a FANTASTIC year!!!

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Amy said...

Great goals!!! Go to my blog and you will see my weight loss journey. Start in 2007. Of course you don't have to read it all, but I was able to inspire a lot of people. I think you documenting your journey would motivate a lot of people. It is also good because when you get discouraged you can go back and read it and see how strong you really are.