March 18, 2011

Hate to say Good Bye

The only reason I HATE leaving California, is because we will be so far away from so many family members. I am trying to act like a big girl about it and stay strong for Ella but it is hard. Very hard. It breaks my heart that we will be so far away from 2 of my sisters and my parents. It breaks my heart that I am taking Ella away from her newest little cousin. It is hard. Ella adores Ireland. We all do. We will miss Aunt Tia, Auntie JoJo, Uncle Gavy, baby Ireland, Grammie, and PaPa so very much.


Sherri said...

I stumbled on your blog...and I have to is so hard to leave family! We moved 2000 miles away from our family 10 years ago! At that point we just had one little we have 5 wonderful kids! I am so thankful for blogs, email, and cell phones. We can still stay connected! Good Luck! =)
It all works out!

Hollie said...

So cute! Ella looks like she just adores her baby cousin. I love the picture with Ella resting her head on daddy's sweet! Moving away from family is SO HARD. I've been thinking about you guys and hope everything works out wonderfully.

shalynn said...

congrats on the big move! that's a huge deal to move across the country. i'm so excited for your little family. good luck on the adjustment. it'll be hard to be away from family, but rewarding to embark on such an exciting adventure!