July 19, 2011

Run for Larysa

This race was on the Saturday before we moved to Pennsylvania in Redlands. My amazing friend, Katrina put it together for her neighbor Larysa who had cancer. Larysa passed away just before the race but Katrina used all the proceeds to donate to her sweet family and children she left behind.

This was my most favorite race I have ever run to date. Here is why:
1. I got to train with my favorite running friend. (who didn't run the race due to getting pregnant)
2. My Dad, my sister Petrea, my husband and my Ella were all there.
3. It was the longest race I have run so far - 10 miles,
4. I was the only runner who finished the 10 mile run. (most stopped at 5 miles)
5. I got to run passed the Redlands Temple.
6. I felt AMAZING after this run. Made me realize that I am in very good shape despite what size I am. :)


Kirstie said...

Awesome!! You're going to dominate your 1/2!

Kary said...

you amaze me. Love you ang-

The Parker Place said...

Thank goodness for amazing friends!!! Now I just need my running partner back please and thanks you!