August 26, 2011

Charish's Hope

This was a very special race because I got to wear a very special shirt in honor of a very special girl.

Three and a half miles into the race I started to feel like I could not finish the race. I wanted to STOP. Just then this song came on my iPod that brought a smile to my face. Tears and a smile. It got me through the race and I finished in 51 minutes which was my fastest time ever.

Every time I here this song I think of a dinner cruise that my family and I were invited to a few years ago. This song instantly brings me back to that night. Charish and her husband were there. Everyone danced and laughed and had a great time. It was a special night and whenever I think of Charish, I think of that night and her gorgeous SMILE and contagious laugh. When the song came on as I was running I could not help but smile, really big as tears filled my eyes thinking of Charish and her amazing family. I instantly became grateful for the knowledge that I have that families CAN be together forever. I instantly became grateful for my sisters as I thought of Charish's sweet sister Lyric who aches for her more than I can ever imagine.

I am so grateful I was able to know Charish.
I am so grateful to know her sister Lyric.

It was a very special race.


Lyric said...

Thank you Angie! I'm thankful for YOU and your amazing example. Love you!!

Smokey Joe said...

so very proud of you