September 14, 2011

So well taken care of...

My family takes such good care of me.
Last night they sat at the doctors office with me while the Doctor took tons of time examining my foot going over options and scenarios of how to help me. I t was a long appointment ending in a yucky steroid shot that they held my hand for.

This morning my sweet 3 year old played "doctor" and let me rest most of the day with ice on my foot. she brought me her 2 favorite dolls which were both given to her by my Mommy so it was nice of her to let me snuggle them. She also brought me a "coo rag", a wet rag to make me feel better.

I am so LOVED!!!!!

1 comment:

Amy said...

How sweet!!! Of course you take such good care of your family they are just following your example. I hope you get better soon and this doesn't effect your running.