November 22, 2011

New Job

After 6 weeks of scary unemplyment, Elliott found a job he LOVES!!!!!

He was out at an interview and took a wrong turn on hi way home. He drove past a pretzel warehouse and had a strong feeling to stop and drop off his resume. Not knowing if they were even hiring, and only having one resume left he kept driving. As he continued down the road he felt the urge again to turnaround and go into this pretzel warehouse. So he followed the prompting and within a week, he had been called in for a few interviews and hired!!!
He started a little over a week ago and is really enjoying all that he is learning. We are so blessed that Elliott found this job. It is perfect for him in many ways.

1 comment:

shalynn said...

what amazing inspiration he received! i'm so happy and relieved for you guys! congrats!