February 14, 2009

Ella cruises around.

Here is a clip of Ella cruising around last Sunday before church.
She is getting really fast (good for her bad for me). 
Watching someone so small WALK around is beyond adorable
I could watch her walk around all day long ... oh ya ... I do!


Tatia said...

I can't believe she's walking! She looks too midget to be doing big people things! ...wait...that's what my friends say about me too!

Matt & Natalie said...

As a response to your post on my blog--not weird at all! I'm glad you enjoy reading the blog of an "almost stranger." I do remember your parents, I think, and if the Tatia that commented right before me is the one named after my sister, I for sure have met her. How fun. You gotta love the internet and its ability to keep people connected! Your daughter is beautiful. What a great milestone to reach!

Heather said...

WOW!!! She's a bit of a speed demon, isn't she? She is too cute!