February 17, 2009

Ella's trip to the E.R.

 FACT #1   - I am a totally paranoid first time Mom
 FACT #2   - I am a hypochondriac for my daughter
 FACT #3   - I over react to every little thing when it comes to her
 FACT #4   - I think "better safe than sorry" applies to everything
 FACT #5   - I just can't help it 

 I am her Mom, and I LOVE her more than I could ever express.
It is so heart wrenching to watch your little baby so sick, even if it is only the stomach flu.

DIAGNOSIS : stomach flu

1 comment:

Ruth and Chuck said...

Oh boy, that must have been fun! Hope she's feeling fine now, we can relate to the better safe than sorry philosophy.
Love you!