March 9, 2009

ELLA - a baby no more.

Ella is growing so fast. She is becoming very independant, wants to do everything herself. She does not use a bottle and I kinda miss that cuddley bonding time. Clothes and shoes that fit her yesterday do not fit her today. She looks more and more like a "little girl" everyday. Her "baby" face is going away. It makes me sad. I want to freeze time and keep her my little baby who needs her mommy forever!

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Hollie said...

Oh my goodness Angie, I'm so glad you and Heather found eachother. I think about the Fallbrook girls all of the time.

You look like you're going great. Your little Ella is adorable. Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl! What a fun day for your family.

It's so funny because where I used to live in Arizona we became friends with this couple and one day when I was over at their house I was looking through their wedding album and there was a picture of Tatia. I'm like "hey, I know that girl, that's Tatia Belle!" She looks the exact same, she is such a sweetheart. I guess the husband (his name is Josh Hoeh) and Tatia went to college together. What a small world huh?

Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I'm so glad I can check back on your blog (if you don't mind) and see how you guys are doing. Take care. Love ya, Hollie