May 8, 2009


Grandpa bought Ella a bouncy ball and she LOVES it!!!
She never gets tired of running around the patio chasing the ball, picking it up, throwing it, rolling it, bouncing it. 
She keeps herself very busy and it is so nice to be able to spend some time with her outside.
I read a book while she plays with her bouncy ball. 
She cries when I make her come inside. 

p.s. I took these pictures with my phone, pretty good quality eh?


charles said...

What a sweet little blondie!

Hollie said...

Isn't it amazing how long they can keep themselves busy with the simplest things? Cute pictures!

kasandria said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your little one is a DOLL!

Brynn said...

can you believe how happy they can be with something so simple?