May 13, 2009

TWO Clippies!!!

So I know this might not seem like a big deal to some, but to me it is HUGE!!!
I finally got Ella's hair into TWO clippies!!!
She has NO hair, and I have been a little concerned about it.
 Elliott and I both have ALOT of thick hair and poor little Ella still has NONE
So I managed to put the little hair she does have into TWO little clippies - I was so thrilled.
Isn't she sooooo cute!!
(cell phoe pics - not very good, I know)


Katabasys said...

Aww she is so cute! Thanks for entering my giveaway!

By the way my sister didn't have a ton of hair until after she was two and I am jealous of her hair now! I bet she will have that gorgeous hair that everyone is jealous of ;]


Drago Family said...

She is such a toe head. I can't believe how blonde she is. Love the clips, you are doing a great job with them. My girls were the same way thin hair, and ours is very thick. Then at about 3 yrs old Naomi's got super thick. So give her a little time, it will get there. miss ya!

Brynn said...

This is a huge step in a little girl's life.

Brynn said...

Piggy tails come next...

Annie said...

It is always a big deal when you finally get to do your baby girls hair. BTW- cute clips! haha