September 2, 2010

Washington D.C.

During out trip to visit Aunt Tatia in Virginia we spent some time doing some tourist type things. We spent an entire day in Washington D.C. What a beautiful place that is with many fun things to see. I wanted to take tons of pictures so Ella would have proof that she had been to all of these places.

Ella wanted to get ready for her day out as a tourist in a special way. She wanted to do everything Aunt Tatia did.

Aunt Tatia and Ella ready to cruise D.C.

Our first stop of the day was in The Natural History Museum. Ella really enjoyed looking at all the "scary" animal skeletons.

At The American history Museum we stopped to check out the Disney Dumbo, Dorthy's Red slippers from the Wizard of Oz, and of course Kermit the Frog.

Washington Monument.

Ella got distracted by the ducks on our trek to the Lincoln Memorial.

We spotted the White House and began our long walk through the beautiful trees to get to it.

Ella was exhausted. By the time we finally walked our way around to the White House she was sleeping very hard.


Amy said...

Angie you look fantastic!!! Glad you had a fun trip and you were able to see all the sites. I have never been back east. Maybe someday... Of course Ella looks as cute as can be.

a. rhoton said...

Okay. . first Ella looks totally like Kellie raised her in the top pics (getting glam for the day) second I am so jealous that is what I want to do soon, and third Angie you are an awesome mommy and cute as ever!! Andrea Rhoton

Hollie said...

This is Jared's dream vacation. He wants to go to D.C. so bad to see all of the historical sites. Hopefully some time soon.

This is so neat that you got to take Ella to do all of these amazing things.