September 4, 2010

Good Times with Aunt Tatia

While at Aunt Tatia's house Ella got to do tons of fun things like eat pretty sprinkle doughnuts for breakfast, watch Disney movies at lunch time, and enjoy Nick Jr with a waffle and strawberry milk.

Aunt Tatia took Ella for her first manicure at the nail salon. As you can see, she loved it. They also had fun choosing colors for Ella's toes with an at home pedicure. :)

Ella is a huge fan of princess dress-up. She really loved being at Aunt Tatia's playing with all of her high heel shoes. So fun for her.

The shopping carts at the grocery stores where Aunt Tatia lives were AMAZING. Inside the orange and green cart was a t.v. screen where Ella watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as I shopped. Wish they had these cool carts out where we live. It made shopping so much easier.

Aunt Tatia lives in a lovely area with a cute pond on the property. Ella enjoyed blowing bubbles at the ducks in the evening. Tatia also has a fun park close by. Ella LOVED the little airplane toy at the park and LOVED that the airplanes were flying right over her as we were at the park.

Aunt Tatia and Ella spotted these "Bambi's" as they drove the roads of beautiful Maryland.

Aunt Tatia let Ella enjoy a movie night in her big fluffy bed. Sweet kettle popcorn is now Ella's favorite.

Aunt Tatia took us to some yummy places to eat including Clyde's (best soy burger I have ever tasted) and Sweet Water. Ella of course wanted to try out her waitress skills. :)

We had some fun hanging out in Sterling, Va.


shalynn said...

how fun, and big girl undies too! you look darling in those last pictures! don't you just love sisters?

Hollie said...

I want to go to Aunt Tatia's house! Looks like you guys had lots of fun. All of the pictures are so cute, you have such a sweet family. I love the way Tatia's house is decorated too, very nice!

I think I'm going to petition to get shopping carts like that at our local grocery stores. That would make shopping TONS easier. =)

RC said...

How fun, I want to go to Aunt Tatia's house too, looks like you girls had lots of fun.

How cool are those shopping carts.

Belle said...

The best part about our grocery stores is that right next to the handicap spots there are always a few spots with signs that say, "Reserved for Expecting Mothers". Sometimes when I have bad cramps, I totally consider parking there. ;)
Ella and I had so much fun being girls. She is so stinkin cute about nails and hair and make up. The best little buddy for that kinda stuff! She is quite the little princess!!!