January 1, 2012

Reviewing 2011 Goals

My goals for 2011 I posted on this blog last Jan and I just looked back over them and reviewed them. I feel pretty good about the progress I made with most of them this year. These were my goals for the year.

I hope that I have been more patient with Ella. I know I am being a great example for Elliott, he has accomplished so much this year. He gave up smoking cigarettes in October just like I did 5 years ago. :) We spend TONS of time together as a family.

These are the goals I missed the mark on this year. I am not going to beat myself up over them though. My health has improved and I feel good about that.

I continued my running obsession. My goal was to run at least 3 races in 2011 and I ran 9!! I also got Elliott to start running with me and that was a goal I thought was impossible.

I started a weight loss and exercise blog. Check it out here. I love making crafty things for my home as well as for family and friends. Ella knows how to write many letters, spell her name, count to 15 and she is learning the ABC's.

I did not read the Book of Mormon all the way through. I have shared my testimony more times than I can count and I believe it is what gave Elliott the desire to stand and bare his in Sacrament Meeting a few months ago. :) We have had the missionaries over at least once a month and they come once a week to teach Elliott.

Overall I feel really good about the Goals I set for myself in 2011. I am happy with the progress these goals helped me make in my life. I will absolutely be setting new goals so I can check them out again and reflect on them next New Year's Day.

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